In many cases, homes have drainage problems in various areas including landscapes.  In such instances, erosion is common.  Therefore, Bobbitt’s Seamless Gutters installs 2 different types of RainChute underground drain systems.  These drain systems include recessed and above ground downspout extensions with a Pop Up Emitter at the end.  Whether you choose the RainChute Downspout Extension or the EZ Rain Gutter Downspout Extension, the Pop Up Emitter is the answer to any drainage need.

pop up emitter

This is the Pop Up Emitter.  The Pop Up Emitter is an easy, safe and effective way to stop and prevent drainage issues.  The Pop Up Emitter works to divert and release water away from the area.  The Emitter opens up with a small amount of pressure of water as it courses through the drainpipe, but will close during dry weather so that debris and animals will not be able to enter the drainpipes. The Pop Up emitter works in the following way: The downspouts on your house, either newly installed or existing, are connected into a 4” PVC pipe which is buried approx. 8 inches in the ground. The PVC pipe then extends 10” from your home’s foundation and is connected to the Pop Up Emitter. The Pop Up Emitter is mounted flush with your lawn and is easily mowed over. Now  during rain, the gutters collect the rain water  from the roof; the water travels into the downspout and then continues to the Pop Up Emitter. Once the water pushes on the Pop Up Emitter, all of the rain water seeps into the ground around the Pop Up Emitter. No unsightly white pipes running through your flower beds or grass will exist.

rainchute downspout extension

The RainChute Downspout Extension is recessed in the ground. Therefore, it will not interfere with the lawn mower and it won’t take away from your home’s curb appeal. The RainChute Downspout Extension self-flushes leaves and debris away so that the downspout will never clog and freezing will not be an issue.



rainchute ez rain gutter downspout extension

The RainChute EZ Rain Gutter Downspout Extension directs roof water away from the foundation of your home quickly and easily. This type of underground drain system is most useful when there is a Landscape area near the home’s foundation.  RainChute EZ is installed above ground and deposits downspout water approximately 3 to 8 feet away from the foundation.